Digital Wallet Cash-In & Cash-Out for $0 fees!1

Digital wallets are now more accesssible than ever!  With the all-new MoneyGram and Stellar partnership, digital wallet holders can now buy and withdraw USDC in cash at MoneyGram locations! It's easy with just 3 simple steps!

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3 Simple Steps to Cash In

1 Enter amount to buy in your digital wallet app.

Enter details and select a participating location.

3 Go to selected location to complete online transaction.2

3 Simple Steps to Cash Out

1 Enter amount to withdraw in your digital wallet app.

2 Enter details.

3 Pickup cash at a participating MoneyGram location.2 Some locations require use of a kiosk/red phone BEFORE picking up cash.

New users may experience an error when entering first or last names that contain spaces (ex: De Niro) during sign-up flow through 1/30.

1 FX may apply
Excludes Walmart locations. Be sure to bring your reference number and photo ID you used for the transaction.

Participating digital wallets