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With MoneyGram AccessTM, allowing your users to convert their physical currency into digital cash and back has never been easier. Welcome to the new way of managing your crypto.

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How it works

Digital wallets are now more accessible to your users than ever.  Wallet holders can move USDC to and from their wallet and transact with cash at participating MoneyGram locations - no bank account needed !

User journey

See how our cash-in and cash-out processes work in just three easy steps.

Start in your digital wallet app

The User enters the amount of USDC they wish to add.

Verify details

User enters their details and selects the participating MoneyGram location.

Finalize transaction

The User goes to the selected MoneyGram location and completes the USDC transaction.

Transact globally


Cash-in enabled Countries


Cash-out Enabled Countries

MoneyGram AccessTM country list

Benefits of a global integration

Get access to cash services with MoneyGram’s global store network

Let your consumers on & off ramp crypto in cash using a robust, reliable blockchain network.

Leverage the Stellar network and USDC asset

Use one of the fastest-growing digital currencies for fast, affordable cash transactions. Access new financial services and consumers through Stellar’s anchor network.

Streamlined consumer onboarding

Consumers complete KYC and confirm transactions through MoneyGram’s user-friendly interface in your app.

Go live with one simple implementation

Integrate directly to the Stellar network to access MoneyGram products or leverage a third-party service provider.

Are you an early-stage fintech? Earn up to $50k for marketing expenses.

With the Marketing Awards Program, just one integration can enable your users to convert physical cash to digital dollars and get up to $50k for marketing.

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