MoneyGram AccessTM Marketing Awards Program

MAP is for early-stage companies looking to integrate and meaningfully scale the use of MoneyGram AccessTM. Jumpstart your wallet with just one integration and you could be awarded up to $50,000 for marketing.

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What is MAP?

With the program, approved fintechs can plug into MoneyGram’s global retail network with a single integration. After integrating, users can deposit or withdraw cash from their digital wallets via USDC on Stellar without needing a bank account. Approved wallets and fintechs that go live within the standard onboarding window are eligible to receive up to $50,000 USD for marketing support!

Extend your reach to users worldwide

Extend your reach to users worldwide

How we can help

Marketing awards go to both new and existing projects with clear use cases and concrete timelines. Additionally, awards are reserved for qualified teams with the proven capability to define budgets, set benchmarks, execute on marketing campaigns and deliver results.

Eligible marketing activities may include but are not limited to:

Paid digital media (e.g., Meta, Google, Display, etc.)

Public relations & communications support

External resources, such as marketing agencies (and related fees), and services

Offline marketing activities & live events

In-app incentives, such as new customer bonuses.

Digital marketing media management tools & Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs)

How MAP works

Submission deadlines are every quarter, followed by a review and selection process.

Application submission phase

Fintechs submit project information, required onboarding materials and a marketing project plan with a budget of up to $50K USD before the submission deadline.

Review & selection phase

Each submission is reviewed to ensure MAP eligibility compliance.

Integration phase

Selected submissions must sign a Partner Agreement with MoneyGram and complete technical integration and testing.

Launch phase

To receive the marketing awards, fintechs must achieve the following within 45 days of the signed Partner Agreement:

  • Successful launch of MoneyGram AccessTM
  • Execution of provided marketing plan
  • Delivery & approval of ongoing testing plan
  • Generate 100 unique users
  • MoneyGram vendor approval

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