MoneyGram® Money Orders

A Convenient, Reliable Way to Pay

MoneyGram Money Orders give you the convenience of cash, and the freedom of a check, without the need for a checking account. As one of the nation's largest money order companies, we offer you both availability and reliability when you need it, where you need it.

  A Convenient, Reliable Way to Pay

Simply purchase a money order at a participating MoneyGram location and you’re good to go!

Convenient For You

  • Dependable – pay bills and send money through the mail
  • Accepted – widely trusted form of payment
  • Traceable – keep your money order receipt as proof of your transaction
  • Inexpensive – low fees make money orders a good alternative to other payment methods
  • Available – purchase from thousands of MoneyGram agent locations across the US

Money Order Tips

MoneyGram money orders offer you convenience, reliability and easy availability. However, it is important to remember that money orders should be treated with the same care as checks, or cash. Like many forms of money, if lost or stolen, you may not be able to recoup the loss. Following are some useful tips to keep you and your money order transactions safe.

  • Fill out the money order – immediately and completely – the payee, purchaser, and address information
  • Do not leave blank spaces
  • Use black gel ink – it’s more difficult to remove by fraudsters
  • Keep your receipt until the payment has been received and you receive confirmation
  • Deliver your money order in person – avoid using payment drop boxes


Improving For Your Security

MoneyGram continues to improve the security features of our money orders to make it more challenging for fraudsters to alter valid money orders. Our latest generation of money orders includes enhanced security features for your protection including paper that deters alteration
and embedded watermark and UV fibers.