MoneyGram Prepaid MasterCard´┐Ż Card:
Combining the Financial Security of MoneyGram and the Convenience of MasterCard.

The MoneyGram Prepaid MasterCard works like a traditional credit card, but without a credit line. Instead, consumers load money when they purchase the card, and reload it at your store. The card simplifies life for your customer, and optimizes business for you.

Agent Benefits

  • Pays you commissions on card sales and reloads
  • Drives additional traffic to your store
  • Simple to set-up, simple to sell
  • Free merchandising and card fulfillment materials

Benefits to Your Customers

The MoneyGram Prepaid MasterCard is simple for your customers to get, simple to use, and offers many convenient features.

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MoneyGram's Prepaid MasterCard offers many benefits to your customers. These include:

  • No bills or interest payments*
  • Easy enrollment, no credit check required
  • No bank account needed
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Convenience of a nationwide MoneyGram reload network (more than 30,000 agent locations in the US)
  • ID options for customers without a Social Security Number (foreign passport, national ID, including matricula consular or cedula)
  • Worldwide access to the Debit MasterCard network, including more than 900,000 ATMs and millions of merchant locations
  • The ability to make purchases online or over the phone
  • Current account balance and recent transaction information available 24/7 by phone, ATM or Internet
  • Helps with money management, easier to save and budget
  • Card purchases and ATM withdrawals automatically converted to local foreign currency when traveling abroad; no need to carry cash or traveler's checks.

Information for current MoneyGram Prepaid MasterCard agents

For Prepaid Card product questions, please call:
For Prepaid Card technical support, please call:
1-800-654-5920 (Delta Works agents, call 1-800-794-7005)
For Prepaid Card accounting and reconciliation, please call: