MoneyGram Money Transfers for Agents: Bringing You More Value

As a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, MoneyGram can add more value to your business

Agent Benefits

Our money transfers can help benefit your business and your customer by offering:

  • More Revenue - Offering MoneyGram products can provide your business with an additional revenue stream.
  • More Traffic and Sales - MoneyGram's value can help your business attract and retain new customers. We also provide our agents with free promotional point-of-sale materials, to drive traffic.
  • More Affordability - MoneyGram brings money-saving products at great prices to your consumers.
  • More Reliability - We offer worldwide reach, usually within ten minutes*, with safe, fast and reliable products. Our products are all delivered via innovative and advanced point-of-sale technology.
  • More Convenience - With agent locations worldwide, MoneyGram makes it easy for customers to send and receive the money they need, quickly.
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