MoneyGram Money Orders for Agents:
Bringing You More Opportunity

A MoneyGram Money Order is a payment tool that often serves as an alternative to a traditional check. Money orders provide a convenient payment method for consumers, and offer you an impressive opportunity to further your business.

Agent Benefits

  • Opportunity for an additional revenue stream; you set the fee for purchase.
  • Free promotional point-of-sale materials provided, creating an opportunity to drive additional traffic to your store.
  • MoneyGram provides you with high-tech, simple to use point-of-sale equipment and systems for selling money orders, plus ongoing customer support.
  • Our online money order sales reports allow you to analyze sales and recognize opportunities to increase revenues. Learn more about sales reports.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Simple to purchase, no checking account required
  • Provides a convenient way to pay bills or send money through the mail
  • Customers can cash money orders in the same way checks can be cashed

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