Become a MoneyGram Agent

Joining the MoneyGram network comes with great
business benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue and store traffic
    • Attract a new group of customers
    • Introduce a new money transfer service that complements your existing services
    • Add MoneyGram commissions to your revenues
  • Global network and brand
    • Join the world's second largest global remittance company
    • Connect to over 330,000 money transfer agent locations
    • Offer services to more than 200 countries and territories
  • Ongoing customer support
    • Receive all the training and point of sale materials you will need
    • Use leading edge technology backed by MoneyGram's 24-hour Call Centre
    • Tap into MoneyGram's award winning marketing campaigns and support
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Feel confident with MoneyGram's focus on security to prevent fraud and money laundering
    • Supported by MoneyGram with necessary reporting and record keeping obligations

To learn more about becoming a MoneyGram agent,
complete the form below or call 0800 026 0535.

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