Frequently Asked Questions

MoneyGram Sendbot is an automated experience that makes sending and tracking money as well as finding locations simple. And you can do all of these things where you spend most of your time. No need to download another app or visit our website.

Right now cash is the only option for your receiver when using MoneyGram’s Sendbot on Facebook Messenger. If you would like to send money to an account, you can do so by logging into to your MoneyGram account on

We want to ensure your information is secure. For your protection there are some pieces of information we will not collect in the chat.

This is a new feature slated to be delivered in the coming months. Until then, if you are a new customer, please register and complete your first transaction on our full site and then head back to the MoneyGram Sendbot to track your transaction and send any future transactions.

Right now you can contact support by accessing our Help Menu. Simply type "help" into your chat and you'll find our prompt for support, and we'll connect you directly to our customer care center.

In the future we look forward to connecting you directly to a customer care agent while you chat.

For instructions on how to delete conversations in Messenger, go to Facebook's Help Center for details.

You can simply type “logout” and you will be logged out of your MoneyGram account. If you would like to remove the conversation from your chat history, you can easily delete the conversation.

For instructions on how to delete conversations in Messenger, go to Facebook's Help Center for details.

Ensure you have entered the same email address and password you use to log in on If this does not work, try resetting your password or contact our customer care.

Please ensure you have the correct Reference Number or Authorization Number as well as the last name associated with the transaction. The last name must match what the sender provided at the time the transaction was submitted. If this information is not correct, please contact the sender.

Ensure you have entered a city and state, a complete address, or a Postal code – all three types of information are accepted for locations. If entering this information does not work, please visit to use our full site locator.

You can easily find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement in our Messenger by selecting “More” from the menu at the bottom of your screen and then selecting “Privacy, Terms & Licensing.”

MoneyGram’s Sendbot is currently set up to accept a few keywords to help you. Try entering words like “Send” or “Send Money” to start a new transaction, or “Track” to find the status of a recent transaction.

You can also input “Find a Location” or “Location” to search for MoneyGram locations, or “Help” to gain access to our help menu.

Rest assured we are adding new keywords on a regular basis to help create a great money transfer experience.