Send money at a MoneyGram Kiosk

Begin your money transfer or bill payment on our touchscreen kiosk

Start your transaction to send or receive money, pay bills, or load cards at a MoneyGram Kiosk and complete your transaction in-store. Available at participating locations.

How to send from a MoneyGram Kiosk


Fill out your transaction details on our touch screen kiosk

Tell us who you are sending to, how much you want to send and from what location.


Visit the store cashier to pay for your transaction

Give your name and payment to the associate to complete the transaction.


That’s it!

You will be given a receipt with an 8-digit reference number for your receiver.

Why send from a MoneyGram Kiosk?

Save Time
Send with a MoneyGram Kiosk | hour glass icon image
Enter information yourself at participating locations and finish in-store.
Ensures accuracy
Receive money with a MoneyGram Kiosk | checkmark icon image
You control the information (e.g. not a store clerk/teller).
Send money fast and easy from a MoneyGram Kiosk | thumbs up icon image
Our global network includes well-known retailers and businesses in over 200 countries and territories.