MoneyGram service forms

If you need to request documentation, photocopies or other information related to a money order or money transfer, please choose from the forms below and select the form name to download*. We also provide the ability to upload documents to us via secure file transfer links.

Money order forms

You may use this form to request a photocopy of a cashed money order:

Money Order Number Search -
 This form should only be completed by the Purchaser if you do not know your money order number.

Error Resolution and Cancellation Disclosure (Long Form)

Consumers may download a Long Form Error Resolution and Cancellation Notice describing the sender's error resolution and cancellation rights.

Money transfer forms

Customers use this form to request a faxed photocopy of their past money transfer transactions.

Secure file transfer

Review the descriptions below and select the appropriate link for your needs. You will be directed to a secure form to upload and submit your documents.

  • Compliance Department - the compliance department receives documents from consumers based on requests made by compliance analysts in prior conversations.
  • Historical Requests - upload the required documents for your historical transaction request
  • Payment Discrepancy - use ONLY when instructed by a MoneyGram representative
  • Project Specialists - use ONLY when instructed by a MoneyGram project specialist
  • Customer Care Case Management - This department is responsible for documentation, investigation and communication of all consumer complaints, disputes and reported issues for MoneyGram money transfer transactions
  • Money Order Support - use ONLY when a Money Order representative requested that you send documentation
  • Known User - Use this link when you have been instructed by a MoneyGram employee/party to provide documentation. Enter the email address given to you on the form you will access after clicking on the link.

For requests not shown here, please submit our contact form to be contacted by a customer service representative.