Stellar Crypto Wallets

Digital wallets help make sending, receiving, and holding wealth as digital assets possible. They are a convenient, fast, flexible, and secure tool for managing your financial assets, and are becoming increasingly popular.

But one challenge with digital wallets has been the difficulty of getting physical cash funds onto, and out of, these digital platforms. With digital wallets built on the Stellar blockchain, you can now tap into the power of cash with MoneyGram. With thousands of retail locations worldwide, MoneyGram lets you convert your cash into USDC, and back again.

When you turn your cash into USDC, it can now do so much transfer to another digital wallet anywhere in the world, OR be held securely in your digital wallet for as long as needed, protecting it from devaluation. You can access your digital funds wherever and whenever you want, and NOW with the freedom and convenience of turning your USDC back into physical cash at any participating MoneyGram location.

Secure one of these amazing new digital wallets with MoneyGram cash access TODAY!