MoneyGram Rewards Card

MoneyGram Rewards

MoneyGram Rewards gives you MORE savings, MORE choice and MORE control

What is MoneyGram Rewards?

There’s no need to collect points – we just give you an immediate 5% discount on the fee every time you send money using your MoneyGram Rewards number.

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This programme rewards loyal MoneyGram customers with additional savings and benefits.

  • Savings

  • Send more, save more
    Simply present your new card whenever you send money and enjoy an immediate 5% discount on the transfer fee – meaning you keep more of your money in your pocket.
  • Speed

  • The faster easier way to send money. Less paperwork means a faster transaction process because all of your information is stored in our system.
  • Control

  • Greater control at
  • Keep track of your money and savings here at View and print your recent transaction history, request a new card or even update your personal information.
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MoneyGram respects the right to your privacy. No personal information is collected from you without your knowledge. View the MoneyGram Rewards Privacy Policy.