Fast and reliable

When you send top-up with MoneyGram it’s usually there in minutes. 1

Carriers you know

With more than 350 mobile carriers count on MoneyGram to keep you closer to the ones you love.

Around the world

Our mobile top-up service spans more than 100 countries, giving you the reach you need.

To send top-up in person, follow these 3 easy steps:


Find your nearest MoneyGram agent location

Find a location>


Take the following information with you:

  • Mobile number that you would like to top-up
  • Name of the mobile provider or the MoneyGram receive code

Pay in cash the amount you are going to top-up plus the fee

To send top-up online, follow these 3 easy steps:


Search for mobile provider or MoneyGram receive code


Input the required information including:

  • Recipient's mobile number
  • Pay the total including the fee with your credit2 or debit card

The entire process usually takes only minutes!