MoneyGram International - Direct to Account
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Make sending money to your loved ones easy for them and easy for you.
Once you've signed up for this new service, sending money directly to the bank account to your loved ones is fast and easy. You can send money from any of our select agent locations across the nation or from the convenience of your home computer.
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First Time Sends

  1. Register online or at participating MoneyGram agent locations. At agent locations, complete the send form choosing receive option "Account Deposit." Be sure to provide your receiver information including: Account Name, Bank Name and Account Number.

  2. Your agent enters the information into the system and a Receiver Registration Number (RRN) is generated. Keep this number for future transactions.

  3. Give the amount you're sending plus the transfer fee to the MoneyGram agent and you will get a receipt as proof of your transaction.

  4. Tell your receiver to check their bank account for money the next business day.** Transfers to Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO) will be there within 1 business day, while transfers to other banks could take 1-3 business days.**

Subsequent Sends to the Same Receiver

  1. Complete the send form choosing the receive option "Account Deposit." Specify the Receiver Registration Number (RRN).

  2. Give the agent the form and the amount you're sending plus the transfer fee* to the MoneyGram agent. Be sure to save your receipt.

  3. The money will be deposited into the receiver's bank account.

*In addition to the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate fee may apply. **Subject to agent hours and availability and bank operating hours. Licensed as a Money Transmitter by the Banking Department of the State of New York. MoneyGram and the Globe are trademarks of MoneyGram. © 2011 MoneyGram All rights reserved.