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When friends, family, or business contacts need money, MoneyGram offers you two great ways to send money

Cash To Cash

In just 10 minutes the money you send can be picked up at any of the over 176.000 MoneyGram agent locations in 190 countries and territories.

there's no need for a bank account
the money is ready for pick up within 10 minutes*
with reference codes, the transactions are secure

Cash To Account

Giving you the power to send directly to any bank account in the world, and you don’t need to have a bank account here in Italy.

thanks to solid relashionships with national and International banks
send money to over 190 countries in just 1-5 working days depending on the receive countries
send to any account, like a family member's or a business account

Whether to a person or to an account, your send starts at a convenient location.

Global access to your money, without the need for cash or a bank account

Prepaid Card

Make purchase and get cash at ATMs throught the world, thanks to the global access of the MoneyGram Prepaid card through the VISA Electron Circuit

there's no need for a bank account or credit
just 8 Euros to get starter
reload money when you need it, up to 5000 Euros

For any information about the prepaid card and the closest location to you call

800 088 257

*Subject to the receiving MoneyGram Agent's availability and hours of operation, and local regulations.
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