Financial Paper Products

Our Financial Paper Products segment provides money orders to consumers through our retail and financial institution agent locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, and provides official check services for financial institutions in the United States.

MoneyGram Money Order

Money Orders

MoneyGram has offered money orders since 1940 and is the leading issuer of money orders in the U.S. Money orders allow customers to make payments when the use of cash is not appropriate, such as when it is being mailed. Customers can purchase money orders in agent locations across the U.S.

Official Check Outsourcing Services

Official Check Outsourcing Services are available to financial institutions in the United States through our PrimeLink® service. Official checks, commonly referred to as cashier's checks, are used when financial institutions make check payments such as interest/dividend checks, when depositors withdraw large sums of money, and in consumer loan transactions or other situations where a payee requires assurance of immediate payment and funds availability.