Anti-Fraud Efforts


We are pleased to participate with the media in order to help increase public awareness of fraud. We have systems in place that identify and stop fraudulent transactions and we work collaboratively with law enforcement to help put the fraudsters out of business, but consumer awareness to prevent the deception in the first place is key.

  • At MoneyGram, we take consumer fraud very seriously. Our ability to provide safe and reliable payment services for our consumers is critically important to our business.
  • We work closely with local, federal and international law enforcement to keep up to date on new scams and the latest fraudulent activities to combat this global criminal activity.
  • We work closely with federal and international law enforcement to help shut down online scams.
  • In order to protect and educate our customers we:
    • Developed an educational website that contains information on common scams, tips on how to protect yourself from being scammed and fraud statistics. Visit the site.
    • Post warnings on our web site – on various kinds of scams – and warn consumers not to use wire transfer services for Internet purchases
    • Clearly communicate and warn customers about possible fraudulent transactions on our money transfer forms
    • Provide training for agents to help spot possible fraudulent transactions
    • Clearly alert consumers to never send money to people they do not know
  • We ask customers who believe they have been a victim of fraud to contact us at 1-(800)-MoneyGram as well as report it to local police. We can then work with police and federal authorities who will further investigate the scam.